HOW DO YOU LIVE?™ Testimonials

StreetScape successfully applied the HOW DO YOU LIVE approach to its nationally-recognized SchoolStreet project in downtown Libertyville. The following are real stories from SchoolStreet residents:

Barry M.
Favorite place of home: The kitchen, family room, and dining areas

"We love our open floor plan and enjoy easy access to everything at our fingertips. I like to eat at the breakfast bar, and this is the area where everyone congregates. I grew up in Chicago and moved to the suburbs. The reason we moved to SchoolStreet is because everything is within walking distance: the train, library, restaurants, coffee shop, upscale boutiques, parks and trails. I have used all of these services and they continue to bring more value in saving me time and money. I couldn't get that where I lived before. Our neighbors are great and we love the community environment. For my lifestyle it works! It makes life easy."

Pam B.
Favorite place of home: Our front room because it faces the street and opens out onto the porch

"The space is very comfortable, cozy, bright and cheerful. I like to sit in this area in the morning, as it’s peaceful to watch the sun come up. It’s a nice way to start the day. I like our neighborhood because it’s within walking distance of so many things. What I love most are the neighbors. We socialize and help each other, and there is a close sense of community. There is something special here. In the past, we lived in traditional suburban neighborhoods and moved quite a lot. This is the first time we ever felt this way."

Nanet M.
Favorite place of home: The front of the house, including the entry room, kitchen and dining room

"It's the heart of our home. When David drew the picture, we hoped our home would become what we had imagined. And it was exactly what I envisioned. It has warmth, character, is inviting and we spend most of our time in this area. It's our gathering space. Our home encapsulates our personality because we had the opportunity to have input into the design. Every home in our neighborhood is a reflection of what is important to the owner. There is a 'city feel' and we don't feel like we are in suburbia."

Kevin M.
Favorite place of home: The living room at the front of the house

"It's casually decorated with a relaxing fireplace. It connects us to our community because it's right off the front porch. We absolutely love the neighborhood and everything about it! We loved John's vision and what he brought to the neighborhood. We enjoy how close our neighborhood is to our downtown area and that we can walk downtown. We love the neighbors, are happy with the design, and have been here for almost two years."

Sue K.
Favorite place of home: The front room and my training studio

"When the architect first asked HOW DO YOU LIVE, I must say it took me by surprise. As I thought about it, I realized how important creating a special place for my daughter and I to hang out. That led to creating a very special, happy room next to our front porch. We both love the space and the time we spend together in it. And when I have visitors to the my house for the first time, I have them sit in one of the pair of comfy chairs and tell them all about this special room. Another favorite room I have is my training studio. I am a personal trainer and I see my clients in a space that was specially design for health and fitness. I have the best work commute time ever, it is measured in seconds, not minutes or hours. Living on SchoolStreet changed my life for the better."