Floral Avenue is the perfect setting for the next generation of American homes. StreetScape’s vision for this new breed of housing was described in a recent interview by a leading expert in the housing industry:

"StreetScape Development is at the forefront of one of the biggest trends in housing, the urbanization of our suburbs. Streetscape is creating a new category of housing craved by millions of suburban residents: the urban burb. Building a new housing community that sold out in the midst of the financial crisis is just one hint that they’re onto something big."

Leigh Gallagher
assistant managing editor of Fortune Magazine & author of The End of the Suburbs

At Floral Avenue, there will be a collection of 20 homes. All of the homes will have front porches which will promote neighborly living and community interaction.

Floral Avenue's greatest asset is its location. It is in the heart of Skokie’s vibrant downtown within a few blocks of great restaurants, unique specialty shops, grocery stores, a world-class library, parks and a public transit station with access to downtown Chicago. The public school system is excellent and there is a tremendous sense of pride within Skokie’s well established community. Living on Floral Avenue will promote a healthy lifestyle and enliven one’s spirit.