The New Urbanism movement was the inspiration for the overall design concept at Floral Avenue. New Urbanism is about creating livable streets arranged in compact walkable blocks, offering a range of housing types to serve diverse ages and income levels. The communities are located near schools, stores, transit and civic places to promote neighborly living and a sense of community.

In essence, New Urbanism isn’t really "New." It is old urbanism, found in the great, authentic neighborhoods located in Chicago, around the country and the world. The places that energize one's soul, where there is a variety of activities at the street level, where the shopkeeper knows your name, where neighbors are connected and they care about each other.

Inspiration, and then some. StreetScape is most inspired and energized by its very own SchoolStreet success story. SchoolStreet is a collection of 26 front porch revival homes located in downtown Libertyville. The new residents love living in their homes on SchoolStreet. The project has received major national and even international media attention for developing this new category of housing. SchoolStreet is proof positive that Americans are eager to experience a new and improved way of living.